Spider Veins

What Are Spider Veins?

Spider Veins Treatment | Beverly Hills | Los Angeles | Las Vegas | Hollywood Spider veins appear when blood vessels are damaged and blood is no longer passing through the veins properly. When the blood starts to pool up in the vein, the vein becomes blue, red, or purple in color and can appear slightly raised on the skin’s surface. Many people develop spider veins if they spend a long time on their feet, have gained weight recently, or during pregnancy. In some cases, some people are simply genetically predisposed to developing spider veins. You can develop spider veins on almost any part of the body and most people want to have them removed for cosmetic reasons.

Laser Treatment for Spider Veins

Dr. Katzen offers spider vein treatment in Beverly Hills using the state-of-the-art CoolTouch CTEV endovenous laser procedure, and sclerotherapy. The CoolTouch laser offers almost-immediate results and is a relatively pain-free treatment with no downtime. The laser targets water in the vessel wall and is a minimally-invasive procedure.

Most patients notice a significant improvement after a single treatment and this procedure boasts a 99% efficacy rate. It is performed in Dr. Katzen’s office under local anesthesia, so you will not experience any discomfort during the process. Undergoing a laser treatment for spider veins or varicose veins means you can look forward to a fast recovery time and resume regular activities almost immediately.


Sclerotherapy is another option for the treatment of spider veins and is performed in the office. In this procedure, Dr. Katzen will inject a sclerosing solution into the vein using a very fine needle. The solution damages the inside lining of the vein which closes up the vein entirely. The treatment takes up to 30 minutes, depending on the number of veins treated and may require additional injections until the vein completely disappears. There is no recovery period with this treatment and you will need to avoid any type of strenuous exercise for a few days after treatment. Patients are also advised to avoid sun exposure for two weeks after the procedure.

If you are looking for effective treatment for spider veins in Beverly Hills, set up your spider vein treatment consultation with Dr. Katzen today!

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