Terrible Spider Veins:

“Originally, I was very nervous to undergo treatment for my terrible spider veins. I did not know it was going to be so easy. The procedure was quick (within my lunch hour), very little pain, and results can be seen instantly. I can say, with absolute certainty, that this procedure is for anyone looking to get rid of unsightly veins. Thank you so much Dr. Katzen.” – Sara I.

Time to Do Something:

“I recently had an appointment with Dr. Katzen to have spider veins removed from my legs via laser treatment. I have always been super self-conscious of the many, small unsightly veins on my legs and knew it was time to do something. I am a three-time returning patient of Dr. Katzen’s as he has performed other more extensive surgeries on me after massive weight loss, so I was already confident in his skill and abilities of the aesthetic work he is able to deliver to his patients. Dr. Katzen was gentle during the laser treatment and let me know beforehand what to expect as he told me he has experienced the laser treatment himself. After about every 7 or so pulses of the laser on my leg, he would pause and let the minor discomfort subside then continue with the treatment. I was so impressed right after the treatment was over that I knew my unsightly veins were now gone. I have small red marks where the spider veins used to be that are now healing and was told by Dr. Katzen that these red marks will soon clear up. As a returning patient, I continue to be impressed by Dr. Katzen’s attention to detail, his work ethics, and his talent. His results help make me feel beautiful!” –Tina W.

Amazing Job!

I wanted to Thank you for an amazing job at treating my spider veins. I felt so comfortable when you explained the entire process of the procedure. I loved how I was able to come in and go.

I used to hate to wear shorts, skirt and short dresses. My veins were super ugly, large and unsightly. I was so happy that I got treated during my lunch break and was able to return to work immediately. When my procedure was finished, those ugly spider veins were gone instantly.

I am looking forward to wearing shorts and short dresses again without being embarrassed. Thank you Dr. Katzen! You are the best. ~ G. G.